The Hydration Realization

The Hydration Realization

Water is amazing. It’s that simple. Without it, we would die. Even still, many times I find myself not hydrating enough. For the past 5 months or so, I’ve chosen to neglect my water consumption.

My excuses?

I can’t find my water bottle.
I’m not thirsty.
I don’t like to pee 24/7.
I crave soda.

Yes. I definitely had many, many soda cravings. Truth is, I never felt properly quenched after drinking a can of soda. But still, it felt so good to have an ice cold Fanta.

I know that water is good for me, but constantly drinking it and being aware of my hydration level is a very conscious effort for me. I have to remind myself to drink water constantly throughout the day.

5 Steps to Increasing Water Intake and Avoiding Soda

1. Keep a full water bottle next to you at all times.
If it’s right there, there is no “I didn’t have water handy” excuse. A full water bottle serves as a constant reminder to drink more, and it also works conversely in that when it is empty, I immediately go to fill it up. Therefore, I am always lock and loaded when it comes to water. If I feel thirsty, I can instantly reach over and grab some water to sip on. There’s no time for me to think about soda or to ponder my thirst cravings. One of the best fool-proof methods for increasing water intake in my opinion.

2. Drink water first thing after waking up.
This past week, I’ve been feeling particularly parched every morning. Really, really thirsty when I wake up. And instead of ignoring that thirst, I take a gigantic swig from that full water bottle (from step 1) on my nightstand. The additional benefit of drinking water right after waking up is that it really helps wake you up. That groggy “what time is it” feeling goes away much faster.

3. If you don’t like your water plain, add a lemon to it!
I prefer my water plain and from the tap. However, I know many people just need that extra kick in their water. So adding a slice of lemon is a good alternative if you’re not a huge fan of plain water. Lemon water supposedly even aids in digestion and have other benefits. I might even add a daily cup of lemon water to my routine.

4. Pee. A lot.
One way to know that you’re properly hydrated is that you visit the bathroom. A lot. And it feels like you’re always peeing. Seriously. Always peeing. It’s actually not a bad way to go though. Going to the bathroom gives you a chance to stretch your legs after sitting in the cubicle. It gives you that 5 minutes to get away from that annoying co-worker. It also gives you brief moment to take a break from whatever you’re doing. And from your pee color you can gauge if you’re well-hydrated and drinking enough water or not. Here’s a chart that compares pee color to hydration level. It’s a decent indicator as to whether you’re drinking enough water or not. If you aren’t, head to step 1 and fill those water bottles up!

5. Do not buy soda.
If it’s not around, you won’t be tempted to drink it. I’ve found that by not having soda in the house, I’ve had less of a craving for it. Out of sight, out of mind. If I don’t have it easily accessible, then my only solution is to drink water. Added perk? Saves me a few extra dollars so I can finally go see Wreck-it Ralph.

Staying properly hydrated is easy for some people, but I know for me it’s a very conscious effort. Although I can chug water easily, it needs to be readily accessible for me or else I get lazy. However, since I’ve been properly hydrated for the last week or so and eating less processed foods, my skin has gotten so much better. It’s crazy how quickly your body can adapt, and how it actually desires to adapt for the better.

Are you thirsty yet? Grab that water!

Do you stay constantly hydrated throughout the day?
What are your tips for drinking more water?
Do you ever crave for soda?

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