Finding Balance Between Health and Friends

So I recently realized that I suck at finding a balance between my social life and my healthy life. Yes, I know they should be intertwined and one and the same, but it’s hard.

For me, socializing means going out with friends, whether it is to dinner, a brewery, a bar, a club, trivia night. From November to March, I was good at socializing sober. And avoiding the eating out situation. My plans would be to eat at home first THEN meet up with my friends.

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A Quick Update

So the weight loss thing has been stagnant. Not because of my body. But because I haven’t been as rigorous in tracking my calories and monitoring what I eat. The brilliant thing is that I’ve maintained my 203.4 pounds for the last two and a half weeks.

Why is this awesome?

Because it means that even without tracking, I’m making conscious choices. SURE. I could be losing weight a lot quicker. Sure. I could definitely be monitoring stricter and not drinking so many beers when we go to visit all these San Diego breweries. And sure, I could definitely say no to some tater tots, but I’m trying to find a good balance.

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Is Not Losing a Bad Thing?

Since November, when I decided to regain control of my life and find my health again, I’ve been steadily losing weight. Even if it was just a few pounds a month, it was a continuous downward trend.

Up until March.

March was a busy month for me and I was on the East Coast in Washington, DC and NYC for two weeks. I left weighing 209 pounds, and I came back the beginning of April weighing 209 pounds.

I was definitely upset.

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